Now available: CLAN WARS 1: GREYLADY

New edition of Peter Morwood's 'Greylady'

Back in print after more than a decade, one of the hardest-to-find Morwood novels in a new edition, direct from the author!

Warfare has many rules. This is one:

Hire soldiers stronger than your enemy.
not hire soldiers stronger than yourself.
It makes getting rid of them...

That was how the Horse Lords came to Alba, and how they came to rule it. That was how Bayrd ar'Talvlyn rose from a mere captain to become lord of his own clan. That was how the Art Magic became a part of life and death, and how the seeds were sown for many things that happened in the years to follow.

The chronicles written later portrayed what happened in a better light. They made no mention of how an entire country was stolen from its rightful owners, or how it was held by the sword and the spear and the iron fist.

Most especially, they said nothing of why a haughty people who disdained the Art Magic began to use it like any other weapon. When those chronicles recorded what they called history, they made no mention of invasion, or of sorcery, or of the Clan Wars that followed.

This is what really happened...

A preview of the initial pages of Greylady is available here.

The latest Trek connection



People keep referencing this story (and this one and various others) and, after a Google search, winding up here.

Here's the book they're all talking about. If you've seen media references suggesting that Spock's World is a favorite of Star Trek film writer Roberto Orci, and something in which he immersed himself (and others, including Alex Kurtzman) while working on the movie, than that would be true. (Check this interview for more info.) There are various other references and interviews to the same effect here and there on the Web.

It's fun to be involved with something like this even at such a remove.

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